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These stocks could be winners as lawmakers slog toward an infrastructure deal

Vulcan Materials Company limestone quarry, Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Carol M.Highsmith | Buyenlarge | Getty Images

Wall Street analysts continue to see materials stocks as clear winners as the White House and Senate Republicans inch closer to a sweeping infrastructure bill.

Barclays wrote last week that it’s unlikely that either President Joe Biden’s or the GOP’s infrastructure plan would include less than about $77 billion for updating the nation’s deteriorated highways.

“With the Senate GOP already having proposed $77bn, and the House Dems proposing $85bn, it’s unlikely that highway and street funding would be lower than the GOP proposals,” the brokerage wrote on May 21.

That is likely to spell sharp demand for a variety of materials to help repair roads and bridges, including tons of cement and asphalt, Barclays explained. Those sales are likely to accrue to Vulcan Materials and Martin Marietta, the Barclays team wrote.

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